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One of the biggest problems in a room is a large blank wall. These walls create a feeling of emptiness in the room and sometimes disrupt the flow of colors and designs that already exist: or do not fulfill the potential to achieve visual effects in a room.

As wallpaper is a popular way to decorate walls and animate them, you can go online and discover unique wallpaper designs. Depending on the size of the wall, the wallpaper offers flexibility for a room and allows your creativity.

Wallpaper allows the inclusion of colors and patterns in the design. The appearance of large walls can utilize patterns with patterns or lines that disturb its main size. Use vertical lines to increase the height of the room and horizontal lines to create the illusion of greater space.

Another option is to add a double design – with a line pattern at the top of the wall and solid or floral prints at the bottom to arouse interest.

Use the edges near the ceiling to arouse visual interest and create the illusion of ceiling height while drawing attention to the ceiling.

If you use wallpaper in more than one room in a house, you can create subtlety between two rooms without having to use the same wallpaper. Smoothness can be achieved by maintaining different tones of the same color, contrasting color or similar pattern.

Use Wallpaper to Bring New Life to Walls