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There are many different ways to customize promotional items and digital printing has become very popular. Experts note that over the past ten years, digital print has revolutionized the direct marketing industry.

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Digital Printing and Its Use On Promotional Items

The process of printing digital involves using computers to customize and automate the print process. A file is translated directly to printing equipment, which recreates the file on the promo items. This makes it easy to accommodate different files without high overhead costs.


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A printer takes the input from the computer control system and prints items on demand. This describes the process but does not do justice to how digital printing can benefit the marketer.

By using digital printing, a company can combine static and dynamic elements of marketing media into one print process. Using a printed postcard as an example, a single print run will create a card that features both the standardized marketing message and customized elements like an address block.

Printing digitally makes it faster and more convenient to create high-quality marketing collateral.

A digital process includes little to no setup or proofing costs, allowing the printer to create thousands of printed items in short time at low per-piece costs.

A full color print technique makes each promo item equally attractive and printers can move between jobs with ease, streamlining production and allowing them to retain additional profits due to higher rates of productivity. Both customers and vendors benefit from this printing process.

Using The Digital Printing Process With Promotional Items