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Vintage rugs are fundamentally timeless – they have proven themselves and returned to modern design. When looking for vintage rugs or antiques, it is important to know that the value of vintage rugs is between 1920 and 1970 and antiques are before 1920.

This can help narrow your search if you are looking for a specific style. You can also check beautiful vintage area rugs online via

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Types Of Vintage Rugs


There are three types of Moroccan rugs: Beni Ourain, Berber, and Cactus Silk. When harvesting Moroccan rugs, we see the Berbers and Benny Ouren most often.

Beni Ourain (a subgroup of Berber) and Berber carpets are made of wool from various Moroccan tribes. 17 tribes in Morocco make Beni Ourain rugs. Known for their simple patterns and neutral colors, these rugs are easy to mix into modern designs.


Turkish rugs (which are very similar to Persian rugs) are woven with a double knot technique. Most Turkish rugs are woven with straight, geometric designs that feature tribal and meaningful motifs.

Persian (carpet)

Retro Persian rugs are usually hand-woven, colored with natural dyes, and grouped into what are called carpets.

They are known for their bold patterns and intricate designs. Persian rugs are made in a single knot technique and often have an oriental design, are elegant and round with a medallion in the center.

Various Types Of Vintage Area Rugs