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What is a criminal defense attorney? It is the attorney who arranges cases on behalf of clients accused of criminal offenses.  These crimes include crimes against drugs and violence that are not approved by society as regulated by the laws of that country.

It is the duty of St. Petersburg Criminal Lawyers to fight for clients and defend clients in court hearings with their colleagues. In some cases, this person succeeded if the jury was found not guilty. In other cases, the jury will find the defendant guilty.

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If the jury does not reach a unanimous decision, the judge has no choice but to request a retrial. If something goes wrong in the process, such as selecting a jury, the judge will say this is a trial and once again both parties have to restart and present their case.

There are cases when defense attorneys and prosecutors do not need to resolve this issue in court. This can happen because both parties have agreed and been approved by the judge. But how did all this happen? 

First, crimes must be committed. Law enforcement agencies then need to find out what happened, and if they have enough evidence, the suspect will be arrested. People who are arrested have the right to remain silent during interrogation until their lawyer is present. 

If the person cannot afford it, a lawyer will be provided so that those without money can be adequately represented. The sixth amendment to the Bill of Rights states that everyone who is arrested has the right to a speedy trial, and this must take place where the crime was committed. 

After the indictment, the criminal defense will conduct an investigation, interview witnesses, review police reports and other evidence related to the case.

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