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Identifying livestock is an integral part of raising animals whether for a hobby or as part of large farming operations. Having readable identification in animals allows manufacturers to keep better records and assists in the management. 

Metal or plastic ear tags are ideal for cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. A plastic ear tag is one of the methods of identification which is more economical and commonly used. You can install Protrack ID Rotary – Animal Identification System which is an accurate cost-effective automatic identification system for Rotary sheds.

Tags are easy to read while working animals and can only be applied with special pliers. Many different options are available as printed on more than one hand or with a special number. Disadvantages include: ripping out and damaging the animal's ear and is easily removed if the animal was stolen. Ear tags are best used for animal markets or small livestock operations.

USDA will require most cattle to have electronic ear tags - Lane ...

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Electronic devices include implant, bolus, leg bands, tags neck, and neck collar. This is the most expensive method of cattle identification. Species including those using this method are cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. 

Electronic devices are very useful in dairy operations where scanners are used to record feed intake and milk production of each cow. One major disadvantage is the need for a special scanner for each of the various types of microchips in production.


What Are Different Methods For Identifying Livestock?