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You're going to read a smart day-in-the-life information for Flex drivers. If you want to know more, there is great information in the FAQ that goes into more detail.

The first step for any driver of Amazon Flex is a shift schedule, also known as a block in the Amazon Flex applications. This shift schedule will be seen at amazon flex application and you can download amazon flex app iphone from the internet.

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Shift is 3-4 hours and it can be hard to come by if there is a lot of competition in your city. Because people sometimes leave shift, check the app frequently to see if you can claim the other person downshifts.

When the shift starts, you go to the pickup station according to the application. You'll scan every packet with your phone while loading the package into your car.

Once you have loaded the packages, Amazon flex app will give you instructions on how to get all of the drop-off location of your package. At each location, you will scan again to confirm the package has been delivered. If you are lucky, you will be sent to the Amazon lockers where you can drop a few packages at a time.

When you have submitted all your Amazon packages it will be considered a complete block. If you can not give all your packages, you must return them to the pickup location.

What Its Like Working for Amazon Flex?