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For the human environment to function and sustain on a regular basis, planting of green plants is necessary. This is important as the levels of carbon dioxide are lowered by green plants by inhaling and exhaling more of oxygen. This oxygen exhaled by the green plants are then used by animals and humans. These are some of the other importance of green plants.

  1. Produce more Oxygen – As mentioned earlier, green plants produce more oxygen. In fact, a research team based at North Carolina State University has proven that around 4 humans can survive with the amount of oxygen produced by a single plant.
  2. Acts as a Source of Food – Green plants are known to act as the source of food for many insects, animals and few microorganisms. This allows maintaining the balance of the environment.
  3. Capable of Photosynthesis – Green plants are known to have the capability of converting light into chemical energy leading to the process called as photosynthesis. This process is where the green plants uses the light to produce oxygen and inhale more of carbon dioxide.
  4. Better Protection – Many small animals and plants are known to receive protection and cover thanks to bigger green plants and trees. For example; big trees offer protection to the growth of small plants. The small plant when fully-grown then offers protection to birds who build their nest.

There you have some of the reasons behind the importance of green plants. Doing outdoor plant hire will help you to learn more on importance of green plants.

Why are Green Plants Important?
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