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Whether for cosmetic benefits, health benefits, or a balance of the two, most people concerned about health and well-being are aware of the importance of caring for their skin. And many leading dermatologists and cosmetologists alike agree on the importance of pure skincare.


We've all heard the cautionary tales touting the importance of using daily sun protection, moisturizing, even drinking enough water to maintain this precious skin to look and feel our best. And within this regimen using pure skincare products is another important consideration one must make.

The Environmental Working Group regularly tests products like lotion and sunscreen to delineate the pure skincare products from the imposters. And most of the products tested – those available in grocery, drug, and chain stores – fall well short of providing what could be considered pure skincare.

The issue with many products is that, in order to provide effective results and still turn a profit, many companies formulate their products with inexpensive synthetic ingredients – sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone and moisturizer preservatives like parabens. Truly pure skincare products would never use these. The reason being, while these ingredients work in the short-term and are cost effective, they are toxic chemicals that carry potentially disastrous long-term side effects.

Why Pure Skincare Products Playing Vital Role In Women’s Beauty?